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2021-Dec 3 - Rick Stankiewicz - Comet Leonard Photo-bombs M3

I am pretty pumped, I just came in a while ago from capturing images of Comet Leonard (C/2021 A1) as
it buzzed  globular cluster M3.

Thanks to member, Sean Dunne, for alerting us earlier in the week about this possibility and for
Jason Lichter for getting his earlier similarly amazing shot of the comet with the “Whale and the
Hockey Stick” Galaxies. It was inspirational!

The clouds just about wiped me out this morning but I waited for some “sucker holes” to capture
something/anything and I got lucky!

(Canon 60D & Canon 200mm on iOptron SkyTracker Mount – ISO 3200, f/2.8, 10 sec.)

Taken by : Rick Stankiewicz
Date : 2021 - Dec 3

2021-July 24 - Jason Lichter - Comet Leonard and galaxies

Good stuff!
I got wind of Comet Leonard making it’s way past the whale and hockey stick galaxies and believe it
or not, it was a clear night!
This is 1x120s sub of RGB combined for only 6 min integration. Best I can do currently with a mono
camera to capture comets. Still learning!

Taken by : Jason Lichter
Date : 2021 - Nov 24

2021-July 24 - Rodger Forsyth - Solar Halo

Atmospheric conditions were ripe this morning at 11 am for a Solar halo. There
is a hint of rainbow colour.

Taken by : Rodger Forsyth
Date : 2021 - July 24

2021-Nov 16 - Rodger Forsyth - Altair Spectrum

This is my first attempt to capture a profile of a type A star which is needed for
calibration. Using Sean’s William Optics 80ED optical tube, A100 Star Analyser
grating and processed in RSpec. Next will be the ED120.

The pronounced Hydrogen Beta absorption just as the blue turns to green is visible
at 4861 angstroms.

This is just a hint of what’s to come.

Taken by : Rodger Forsyth
Date : 2021 - Nov 16

2021-Nov 19 - Rick Stankiewicz - Partial Lunar Eclipse

I stayed up for those of you that thought it was going to be a washout and was able to capture a few
images of the partial lunar eclipse. It was challenging with the wind, clouds and snow, but patience
paid off. It was pretty iffy for most of the night, but there were enough sucker holes and breaks to
make it worthwhile I thought.

Taken by : Rick Stankiewicz
Date : 2021 - Nov 19

2021-Nov 7 - Dave Temple - Venus-Moon Conjunction

Very nice, I got a pic from my iPhone last night too

Comet 67/P

I managed to get Comet 67/P last night.
Not horrible considering I was shooting mono and having to rotate through filters

Taken by : Jason Lichter
Date : 2021 - Nov 7

2021-Nov 7 - Rick Stankiewicz - Venus-Moon Conjunction

Venus-Moon conjunction with Nikon P900.

2021-Nov 7 - Rodger Forsyth - Venus-Moon Conjunction

I got a shot last night of the subject pair setting with the handheld Nikon P900.

2021-Sept 25 - Brian Colville - Jupiter_IRGB

I went out last night after the clouds cleared and the air was very humid, but the seeing was
actually very good.

Some of the best images of Jupiter in a long time!  Here is a false colour IR+RGB composite of
images taken with the monochrome camera approximately an hour apart through Red/Green/Blue and IR

Taken by : Brian Colville
Date : 2021 - Sept 25