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  Meeting Location Co-ordinates: Lat: 44o 20' 36" N   Long: 78o 18' 35" W
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Sat Aug 18 2018
Rise - 6:19am
Set - 8:14pm
Special Event
Sat Aug 18 2018 Peterborough Astronomical Association
Rise - 2:29pm
Set - 12:34am
Illum. - 57%
Green Laser Pointers

There have been incidents lately involving Green Laser Pointers (GLP's).
Because of this the PAA has decided to implement some rules
concerning the use of GLP's. If you want to use a GLP at a PAA
event, we ask that you read the first two documents then read, print and
sign the Certificate. Then bring the signed Certificate to the first meeting or
observing session.

If you do not sign The Certificate, you will not be permitted to use a GLP.

Green Laser Pointer - Facts
Green Laser Pointer - PAA Usage Rules
Green Laser Pointer - Certificate
PAA Monthly Meetings
We are on Summer Recess - Observing sessions continue
For Observing Dates See Special Events
Next Meeting September 2, 2018 - 7:00PM
Riverview Park and Zoo
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class="style1">Novice Astronomy Classes Discontinued Until Further Notice
Novices Still Invited to Attend Regular Meetings
The First Friday of Each Month

Recent Photo of   M82 - The Cigar Galaxy

Taken by Member Rodger Forsyth
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See the New Dome in Action
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A New Whole Earth Light Pollution Map
Has Been Uploaded to the Website

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Peterborough Examiner - Earth Hour 2017 on Armour Hill

Peterborough This Week - Partial Solar Eclipse
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