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Keeping our skies dark

The Peterborough Astronomical Association is dedicated to preserving the night sky and is actively involved in lobbying municipalities and corporations to take steps to reduce "light-pollution".

Light pollution is the effect that large-scale lighting - such as in most cities - has on our view of the stars at night.

Peterborough Light Pollution News

Big Island Dark Sky Preserve

LED Streetlight Conversion Project Release

LED Streetlight Conversion Project FAQ

2008 and 2019

Light Pollution Resources

PAA Light Pollution Brochure

RASC Light Pollution Pages

The International Dark-Sky Association

Light Pollution Map (scroll west to see North America)

Light Pollution Videos:

Mario Motta Light Pollution Interview

Losing the Dark

The Hidden Cost of Light Pollution

Light Pollution Miscellaneous Articles:

Light Polution Study at Trent University by Trent Students

Peterborough Examiner - PAA Celebrates Earth Hour

Township of Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield - Presentation

Light Pollution in Your Life: Impact on Driving, Health and Home Safety

Additional Light Pollution Information

For more information Email - Light Pollution Abatement Director


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