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  Co-ordinates: Lat: 44o 20' 36" N   Long: 78o 18' 35" W
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Links for astronomers both seasoned and new

General space news:

Nasa News
The Planetary Society
Canadian Space Agency
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Lunar Photo of the Day

The Universe Today

Observing resources:

This month's sky map
Starry Night software
Guide to Backyard Astronomy

Astronomy publications:

Sky & Telescope Magazine
Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy for kids:

Astronomy.com's kids section
NASA for kids
The Planetary Society's kids area

Where to buy astronomy equipment and supplies:

Durham Skies – Pickering
Focus Scientific - Ottawa
KW Telescope - Kitchener
Ontario Telescope and Accessories
Canada-wide Astronomy Buy & Sell

Other Places to buy astronomy equipment and supplies:

Kahn Scope Centre - Toronto
Stargazer Steve - Sudbury
Kendrick Astro Instruments - Toronto
Howie Glatter

Astronomy organizations:

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
American Astronomical Society
American Association of Variable Star Observers
International Astronomical Union
International Dark-Sky Association

Local observatories:

PAA Dome - Curve Lake
Cedar Knoll Observatory
Crebar Observatory
Maple Ridge Observatory
Robinson Road Observatory
Baetsen Observatory


Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium (Montreal, QC)
Hayden Planetarium in NYC

Special Links:

General News from NASA
World Wide Telescope
International Space Station Fly-over
Astrophotographer Ron Brecher
Astrophotographer John Chumack

Usefull Software:

Sky Charts (Cartes du Ciel)
Virtual Moon Atlas

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